About Us

The Black Swan Theater was founded as Pisgah Players in 1985 by David Brendon Hopes, and produced its first plays in 1989 at UNCA’s Lipinsky Auditorium. From the first, Black Swan has been dedicated to the development and production of new scripts.

Since our founding we have put the following plays on stage, except in obvious cases, for the first time:

Earrings by Tom Dolce
Tours by Bill Ashton
Timothy Liberty by David Hopes
The Lady and the Demons by David Hopes and Ann Dunn
Thomas the Violin Maker by David Hopes and Ann Dunn
Bathory by David Hopes
God and the Family by Matthew Calhoun
Cookie Plows the Planet by Michael Sheldon
Welcome Home, Son by Joseph Quinlan
The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Phantom of Blue Letters by David Hopes
Myooz by Nick Morgan
Paradise Lost by David Hopes and Ann Dunn (based on Milton)
Callers by David Hopes
Another Evening with Cookie La Rue by Michael Sheldon
Godzilla: the Musical by David Hopes
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
The Christmas Count by David Hopes
Sea’s Edge by David Hopes, with music by Sister Raven
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Real Food by Brett Doar
Lincoln’s Hands by Linda Rosenfeld
Mine Eyes by Michael Bettencourt
Delilah by Tom Dolce
The Channeler by Rick Morris
Club Delite by David Hopes
The Ghost of All Saints by David Hopes
The Devil and Michael Scott by Thomas Hubbard
Night, Sleep, and the Dreams of Lovers, by David Hopes
Only the Dance by Christine Lassiter
The Duchess of Spiders by Gary Arms
Café at the End of Time by Sue Carroll Moore
Dark Places by Lorraine O’Brien
Four for the Gospel Makers by David Hopes
Crown of Shadows, by David Brendan Hopes


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